Sake is a wonderfully unique, complex harmony of flavors made with minimal ingredients.The beauty and intricacies of rice fermentation is best expressed in the taste of sake. It comes from an incredible tradition of brewing techniques perfected overhundreds of years in Japan. Never has sake been more relevant and widely enjoyed as it is today.

Clear Skies

A premium craft sake that is locally produced, consciously crafted, and transparent about its high-quality ingredients.

Yangban Makgeolli

A handcrafted makgeolli in collaboration with the amazing minds at Yangban Society. Available exclusively at Yangban Society.

When handcrafting our sake, we focus on showcasing the natural flavors of our locally grown California rice. We utilize time-honored Japanese brewing methods in combination with contemporary equipment to bring out the character of Sawtelle in our sake.

Available at the following locations in Los Angeles and the Bay Area: