Two people holding sake

About Us

Born in Los Angeles, Sawtelle Sake is about more than just brewing great sake.

At our core, we wanted to share the intention behind enjoying sake with close friends and family. For us, drinking sake is about appreciating those special connections.

As a craft sake brewery, we carefully handcraft our ingredients and brew in-house in Southern California. Our team has established a deep connection to our sake, utilizing traditional Japanese methods in combination with contemporary equipment to brew.

We celebrate our craft by bringing you a sake for every occasion. Cheers to good health, good company, and good luck from Los Angeles. 

Our Mascot

Meet Daryl

Daryl the Daruma is the friendly face of Sawtelle Sake.

In traditional Japanese culture, Darumas are papier-mâché dolls given as a symbol of good luck and perseverance. Tied to the Japanese proverb, “Fall seven times, get up eight,” Darumas return upright after being tilted over. The dolls typically come with both eyes blank. When you set a goal or resolution for yourself, you fill in one eye; when you complete that goal, you fill in the other.

Daryl the Daruma loves to drink sake with friends and have a good time. He made the decision to leave Japan and move to Los Angeles in 2019 to be a sake ambassador. Daryl is pursuing his dream, setting his sights on getting more people to enjoy sake with him.

Similar to how sake is widely known in Japan but not necessarily in the U.S., Daryl is quite popular back in his hometown but doesn’t know too many people in Los Angeles yet. An eternal optimist, he takes creative approaches and works hard to meet new people, make new friends, and spread the word about sake.

Daryl is passionate about his hustle, persevering despite his occasional setbacks. Most of all, he cares about his newfound community, emphasizing local and sustainable craft.

Daryl represents our team’s vision of sharing a message of hope and good luck with you. Enjoy some sake with Daryl!