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CLEAR SKIES 200 ml. : 4-PACK

SKU: CLRSK 4-pack
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Clear Skies is a refreshing, easy-to-drink, well-balanced sake perfect for any occasion. We love to pair Clear Skies with everyday American cuisine such as pizza, tacos and hamburgers, fried chicken ... you name it!

Clear Skies is a Nama (unpasteurized) Junmai (pure/no-additive) Ginjo style of sake with a 60% polish ratio made from rice sourced locally in California. Clear Skies is deeply aromatic with notes of citrus and melon.

Clear Skies is naturally Gluten-Free. 

Free delivery for sake orders of 3 or more 4-packs!

* Delivery is currently only available in California shipping once per week on Tuesdays.

** For local pickups, please visit us on Sawtelle or visit the Find Us Tab for more Los Angeles retailers/restaurants.